Welcome new friends!  If you’ve glanced at my web-site, you might conclude that I am a “seasoned” individual that graduated with a degree in Finance, spent 25+ years in banking, with 15+ of those making loans to businesses, then I went back-to-school to successfully qualify for the CPA Exam through the State of Maryland.  I took three sections of the exam, only to find that I couldn’t get the license.  Due to the fact that a candidate needs 2,000 hours under a CPA to be awarded a license, and I couldn’t get hired by a CPA firm because I’m too old; or as a good friend, a partner in a CPA firm told me: I “don’t fit the mold”, I have the education and experience, just not the “sheepskin”.

Anyway, age does have its negatives, but it also has its positives; i.e.: if you were paying attention during all those years you “aged”, you’ve experienced and learned a lot.  That is exactly where I am at, some of which I hope to share in these postings.

I am also what some might consider to be an “Endurance Cyclist”, training for and riding in Metric Century (aprox. 65 mile) and Century (100 mile) bike rides.  I like to think that I’ve always been “athletic”; however, I’ve also been a “static” athlete; i.e.: on again, off again.  I “participated” in football through my sophomore year in college (you notice I didn’t say “played”), then I ballooned up, and started running late in my senior year of college.  I participated in and completed 10 marathons, the 26.2 mile ones, in three years after college, focusing on qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which didn’t happen; I basically ran myself into the ground.  Anyway, after my Marathoning demise, regular “training” became a side line, eating continued as a staple, so I ballooned up again, until I got sick of looking at myself in the mirror three years ago and began riding in March of 2010.  The story doesn’t end there.  On June 10, 2010, I was hit by a car while riding my bike; tearing up my elbow, breaking and dislocating my shoulder.  On October 10, 2010, I rode in and completed my first Metric Century ride, with my first day “on-the-road” being the day of the “Metric” (I did all of my training on a trainer)!  I’ve been riding/training ever since … keeps me sane.

I’ve related all of this basically to establish that I’m a fighter, both personally and professionally, and I hope to be able to express some of my experience and strength with anyone that might be interested in these posts in the future.