By now, everyone has probably heard the new H&R Block commercial: ‘America, Get Back Your Billions”.  The commercial is mostly correct; many consumers doing their own taxes could be leaving a lot on the table when it comes to getting a refund check.  Then again, are consumers that use a tax preparation service or use a tax preparation program on their home computer paying too much or answering too many questions for what they are getting?

I have no doubt H&R Block provides a good service; it must, considering how big it has become, but, based on clients that have used its service, it’s expensive.  Tax preparation companies like H&R Block have software that have employees ask a lot of questions, know when answers lead to other questions and charge dearly for the service.  There is a better alternative:  Essential Accounting, LLC.  At Essential Accounting, we know the questions and the follow-up questions to get the best results.  Also at Essential Accounting, the consumer isn’t expected to fill out a whole book of questions to bring to their tax preparer, so all the tax preparer has to do is transpose the data to a tax return.  And, best of all, Essential Accounting doesn’t charge significantly to provide this service!

How about the questions asked by the “self-preparation” tax packages?  First, they are lengthy, time consuming, and many of the answers given lead to other questions or in multiple directions, which the consumer might not be aware of. As another older commercial of H&R Block once said: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’ (they do write good commercials)!  The bottom line is, the consumer is answering all these questions and filling out ALL the data, not knowing if one question might lead to another or if there might be two answers to the same question, and probably getting tired of filling in all the information.  Wouldn’t it be much better and more convenient to use a tax preparation firm that knows the questions to ask, the right answer to each question based on how other questions have been answered and takes care of filling in all the data without charging significantly to provide the service?

Call Essential Accounting to do your tax preparation!  Be assured that the work is done right, without your having to take the time to do it, at a cost that will not disrupt your finances.