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IRS Issues

Let’s face it: the IRS is facing some significant issues, besides the one that folks fear it due to its responsibility of collecting taxes.  With the organization supposedly scrutinizing conservative leaning groups in their application for tax-exempt status, while other applicants were being processed without so much as a hiccup, the powers that be appear to have A LOT of explaining to do.  I’ve said “…supposedly scrutinizing conservative leaning groups…” because no one in this country is supposed to be guilty before being proven so, which will be found out through various congressional hearings and the many law suits that have been filed against the organization.  The Obama administration seems to have a couple “issues” on its hands; however, based on a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University between 05/22 & 05/28, the one most important to the voting public is the one concerning the IRS (of the… Continue reading